Derek Turnbull - The Fastest Old Man in the World

Derek Turnbull died in his sleep just prior to his 80th birthday.

Derek died peacefully in his sleep on 2nd November 2006.   He had been training for the forthcoming Kepler Challenge Race which would have been, hopefully, his seventh successful attempt on the mountain. He was given a tremendous farewell at Stadium Southland on the 8th November and is buried at St. Johns Cemetery, Invercargill in company with his son Kenneth, his parents, sister, grand and great grandparents on his mothers side of the family. It is a very old cemetery and there Derek lies in peace with the trees swaying around him.


The Fastest Old Man in the World -
The Derek Turnbull Story

This biography explores the awesome running career that has made Derek Turnbull a role model for many New Zealand and overseas runners of all ages. It is profusely illustrated with many action shots and contains an introduction by Masters running guru Roger Robinson, one of Turnbull's many admirers.

Derek Turnbull’s biography is being reprinted now. The original edition is still available.

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Derek Turnbull 1926 - 2006
Derek Turnbull - The Fastest Old Man in the World
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