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Derek Turnbull - The Fastest Old Man in the World

Derek and Pat Turnbull

Derek and Pat TurnbullWe were a a retired farming couple with a grown up family of six, including triplets, and 14 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren.

Our son now has inherited Sherwood Farm and we kept 100 acres which we renamed Sherwood Forest which is appropriate as I have since found out my ancestors came from that area in Nottingham, England. Our domestic animals have naturally been called Tuck, Robin, Littlejohn, Marion etc.

We have a Native Reserve on our block which is described under a separate link and we encourage groups or visitors, through prior notice, to visit the area and enjoy this 40 hectares which is the largest privately owned remnant of this type of forest left on the Southland Plain. The trials and tribulations are also described in the link.

Derek had a successful hobby of athletics, he said it has never been more than a hobby as he enjoyed it and it was his way of relaxation. Since he joined the Veteran Athletic Movement in 1974 he has held numerous world records in distances from 800m - 1500m - 1 mile - 5000m-10.000m and best times for Cross Country and Marathon. Last year he still held 14 World Age Group Records. His web link describes this in more detail. He is known as 'The Fastest Old Man in the World'He enjoys cycling and running/walking in the hills and exploring new trails.  He worked voluntary work for D.O.C. and others in conservation projects and spends many hours either on the farm or working in the Reserve. A video was made 'The Fastest Old Man in the World' when he broke the age group record for the London Marathon which completed his set of records in the mile, 1500m, 3000m, 5000m,10000, Cross Country and then the marathon in one year and now his biography has been published in June 2006 and is available from me. Details on his link.

I am at heart a genealogist and have published my first history recording my mothers diaries - mainly for family use. My genealogy information is another Link. I have a very large garden, my interest there inherited from my father, we home hosted for 35 years and although I don't advertise now I would host if required. We have a very peaceful home and garden and because we have travelled extensively we welcome meeting overseas folk. I play league ten pin bowls when my arthritis allows me and we both belong to our local Anglican Community. Organisations we belong to include Men of Trees, Forest and Bird and relative organisations.


I am going to continue with our life's work here on Sherwood Forest .My son has now sold Sherwood Farm and has moved, I am in the middle of several projects and wish to finish them. My heart is here within what Derek and I have achieved and I shall carry on.

I belong to the Women's Institute, Winton Church of England, Genealogy Computer Club, NZ Genealogy, CCS Disability Action,  Men of Trees, Forest & Bird, Q.E.2 Trust, Turnbull Clan USA.

I designed and had built a 4000 book reference Library and  a general Museum. I ran out of space so used the old 100 yr old stables to make a Farming Heritage Museum. I envisage it  all being a Environmental and Educational Centre. Visitors extol about both. There is enough to and see for a day trip or just a few hours leisure.

Visitors are able to walk the track through the Reserve and to the Lagoon Lookout, wander through the pond area and old farm machinery, visit the museums and library and stroll around the garden. It will be very peaceful, informative and a great day out for one and all.

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